You may have heard of Calypso — Automaticc’s attempt at a new admin interface, built in modern JavaScript and powered by the Wordpress REST API.

The REST API is a game changer because you no longer have to work with archaic PHP templates if you need Wordpress for client-work. Of course, there are managed services out there for headless CMSs eg. ButterCMS. But i suppose for clients, nothing quite beats the familiarity and ease of use of Wordpress.

Do note that not all existing plugins are compatible with the REST API although most popular community plugins such as ACF…

Why Develop Using Docker

Provisioning a Docker container is cheap. You can use it to set up a development environment that closely mirrors your production environment — where each service runs in its own VM. It is also great for having a consistent development environment across your entire team and for new developers to get started on your stack.

Why Docker and Yarn

Dependencies are ever changing during development. So as not to compromise on productivity, rebuilding a docker image needs to be fast. Combining Docker with Yarn makes for particularly speedy builds.

There has been some discussion on how to make Yarn play nice with Docker. …

The last encounter I had with a chatbot, I was in a Warcraft 3 channel answering movie trivia questions. For a while, chatbots languished in obscurity as most could only hold simple conversations. Now, chatbots are back with a vengeance — you can order pizza through them or even talk to the dead.

Food has always been my passion and an obsession. A perennial problem I face is deciding what to eat for lunch. So one day after having a rather one-sided conversation with @atwherebot, which did look rather promising, I decided to try my hand at making my…

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